Why do you do that?

dandelionWhy do you spray that pesticide even though I have asked a million times for you to stop? Because you don’t care would be my guess. Yes, my idiotic landlord sends his lazy minion keepers (that are actually harmless clueless nice people in general) to spray poison on the weeds. The owners hands are clean, the minions have done their job… and the bees and beneficial insects and other organisms are dead. They are so lazy (the minions I mean)… if the weeds bother him (the slum-landlord) so much, pay them (the minions) to pull the weeds if they must go away. Generally people want Dandelions to go away, I would guess because they continue growing and get stickers and I am sure it’s annoying… blah, blah, blah. But in truth they are the first flowers that bloom, and are a much needed food source for the bees while they wait for Mother Nature to wake up. Bees, obviously, are a keystone species that provide a continued renewable food source possibility for any living thing that eats plant provided foods.

Anyway this made a thought, or more like a memory, pop in to my head. DDT. Although it has been banned for a long time now I don’t think anyone truly banned it. Here is why I say that. There was a time that I lived in South Lake Tahoe, Ca. I lived up there for about 8 years give or take. That was less than a decade ago when I moved from there. But DDT was banned Dec. 31st, 1972. I was just barely a little over a year old when it was banned. So anyway… back to less than a decade ago my living in South Lake Tahoe.. there are not a lot of places to get gardening things in South Lake Tahoe and I needed pea pots. They had and may still have a K-mart garden center there… where I was… when I decided to take a look-see at RoundUp. I mean supposedly RoundUp no longer contained DDT, but on the back of freshly stocked shelf of bottles was the ingredient on the RoundUp sprayers… DDT. I couldn’t believe it. I was sure those bottles couldn’t have been there for 3-1/2 decades much less that store, but there it was.  It was stunning and I didn’t know what to do, and so the thought left my brain not long after… perhaps exposure to DDT caused me to forget what I had seen.

Moving back to the Bay Area, not that many months later, I noticed things had changed. Chemical manufacturers no longer have to list ingredients on the labels (no doubt the crafty work of Monsanto Lawyers). I can’t prove what I know is still there. Now RoundUp is all about Glyphosate. Apparently it is scarier than DDT. Articles abound on Monsanto and all he has brought to the world like this one. It is a rabbit-hole of information. So much mind boggling stuff. I could just do topic after topic… would blow your mind it would.

Well all I know is there needs to be more people using worm castings or other completely natural items in their gardens and pulling weeds by hand that bother them, or cut them down if they die on their own… no need for the overkill people. There are clean ways to do things and countries that have figured this out and have done something about it quickly. It’s currently an impossible battle here, for no other reason that Monsanto has invaded everything originally made to protect us including government. Take back your world people…. I am taking back mine!