trashA.K.A. the Freeway loaded with trash and lets face it, any road, alley, path, walkway, bridge, tunnel, waterway, stream, river, lake… is loaded with trash. This morning taking my dog out for a pee someone had decided they were done with their McDonald’s breakfast. I don’t know where they were going that there would not at the very least be a trash receptacle, but I am sure that place does not exist in my world. There is no place you can leave or arrive where trash cannot be collected or contained. I mean no place. Not one. Even if you don’t have trash service, there are days where it can be dumped for free, you just need to contain it. However it happens, and it happens a lot… these people just decided to dump trash out their window on the way to wherever they are going.

I wish I had seen it. I would have written down their license plate. I would have walked down in the lower arsenal and looked for their car. I would have found out if they were on their way to work and if that’s where they were going (I’m sure they were)… I would have gone in and asked why they [their employers] don’t allow employees arriving to work to throw trash in a receptacle on arrival. I would have been told, that of course people can throw trash away in a  receptacle if needed arriving at work. I would have made them identify the owner of the vehicle and embarrassed the crap out of them. I know they wouldn’t truly care, nor would they stop littering, but I bet I could get the company to help out with litter removal in some fashion. People think because they enter a side of town where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic that no one will see their, excuse my language, Shit! Um, you are not entering a location where every living being is blind. Yes, yes people can see here. Even the actual blind people that may also be here can sense your, pardon me again, Shit! Yes, this started my brain going again, and I felt the need to cleanse it.

Every time I need to go someplace out of town, I hop on the freeway. It is astounding to me the amount of trash everywhere. I realize it takes people to either pick it up themselves, or hire people to do it (clearly people won’t stop littering). I am sure the state doesn’t have money to keep up with our slobbery. Where I am Caltrans rules the roost and I have to coordinate with someone to be allowed to do it or even to hire people to do it and to even get a permit to do it. Yet another thing to think about. I think I need to see if I can get some wealthy corporate business(s) to sponsor cleaning up of the center island of the freeway (that would be far too dangerous to clean with volunteers). I wonder if groups of people would be interested in weekend clean-up of the freeway? Something has to give. I guess on my to-do list I will figure something out.

And yes, this morning, I picked up their trash and put it in our trash receptacle container.