Pick Up Your Poop People

dogYes, I mean dog poop. It literally takes less than five seconds to pick up your dogs’ poop. Okay perhaps a bit longer if there is something physically wrong or going on with you where it takes a bit longer. In case you are wondering why it matters… it matters because dog poop is toxic to the environment, the water shed and unless your dog covers it’s poop by quite an even layer of soil where microorganisms could potentially break it down, most dogs don’t do this and certainly not with enough depth, and still this would not prevent toxicity and disease.

I myself knew it was toxic, but didn’t realize to what extent. Poop info; read it for yourself!

So, I bring this up because every time I take my dog for a walk there lies someone’s dogs’ poop. I made a deal with myself that if my dog stopped to poop near anothers left behind, I would pick up my dogs’ poop and theirs. It certainly wouldn’t get picked up otherwise. Why are people such pigs? Lazy, dirty, irresponsible, selfish pigs! I mean you, yes you the non-poop-picker-upper! If you, like me, at the very least pick up your own dogs poop, than I don’t mean you.

For those of you that need a simple explanation. Dog poop is as toxic as an oil spill and water treatment cannot handle treating dog poop. If you need a visual clue, you can find one someone has made here.

So yes, I apparently need to find a way to install some of those wire stands that hold a roll of dog poop bags and maybe a receptacle for the truly lazy pigs. Yes, I mean you, the one that took the five seconds to bag your poop, but left the filled poop bag laying on the ground. Fantastic, do you wipe your ass in the morning and leave the dirty toilet paper on the bathroom floor, or do you just shit on your front porch and leave it there? I wonder because I don’t know how you cannot function like a person that has a fucking brain? Is cleaning up after your dog so beneath you? If it is, why do you have a dog? Do you have children? Did you ever change a diaper? What exactly did you wipe their ass with or do with their diaper? Did you let them sit in their shit or did you clean up after them? I ask because when you have a pet, you care for them like they are your child, a member of your family. And if you don’t, you shouldn’t have a pet, much less ever have a tiny human.

That was quite a rant wasn’t it? Well, I had to get it out of my brain people… and I don’t think anyone but me see’s this anyway… which might be a good thing, because if some dumb idiot that just didn’t know, actually uses a keyboard much less reads… well I am thinking how disgusting their keyboard must be. Seriously, can you imagine the fecal matter on the keys as they are clacking away? [shivers in disgust]

Pick up your poop! It isn’t complicated. Even I have forgotten to refill the roll of bags attached to my dogs leash, but on return have immediately gone back and picked up my dogs’ poop. It isn’t that difficult, I promise, or even that disgusting.