Lights Out

StormThis heavy storm blew through slowly last night… I say slowly because it felt like it was parked over us, even though the wind was blowing at 22mph and gusting up to 45mph… in the Bay Area that’s high wind but about half the wind speed the Sierra’s get in a blizzard. That’s where these storms go, transformed in to a blizzard in the mountains as they travel East.

It had been raining pretty heavily most of the day and then around sunset the heavy rain really began to fall and it was lights out for us and about 350 others in our area. It was noticeably peaceful in the quiet of it all. There wasn’t the familiar constant  hum of electricity or the familiar shadow caste from lights. It was quiet, dark and the only sound was the wind blowing and gusting at times, the downpour of rain, the drip of water through a leaky area in the ceiling and the sound and blue gas glow of the stove. I was starting dinner at the time (corned beef and mashed potatoes) and I felt thankful I had a gas stove and I was making something on the top of it (nothing that required a specific temperature).

We had bustled about turning on LED candles and camp lights about. It would have been a tragedy to have tripped over my nearly blind old-man dog and landed on my two fat fluffy cats, all of which stand under my feet at any given time. They would have been fine, but I on the other hand would have likely died in the fall… death by my beloved clumsy self over my sweet clueless animal babies.

After a couple of hours the power was on again so we decided to watch a movie. We sat there eating perfectly tender corned beef and fluffy mashed potatoes while our movie began as the wind still violently gusted and the rain continued to pour. Then an hour later the power was out again. So back on were the LED lights and we sat in the quiet and listened to the rain and wind for an hour when the lights came on again. This time it was different. We only had low voltage, so anything that was LED or ran low voltage was on, but not enough juice to continue our movie.After an hour of waiting and listening I went to sleep and left my night wanderer to wait for power or news regarding the power. The answer came in the storm at 3 in the morning he had been told. Damage was done to a transformer not far away and would not be able to be repaired until the following day.

I woke this morning to sunshine and relative clear skies. The power was off and things were quiet and still. I took my old-man dog out for his morning walk and when I returned at seven thirty the power came back on. The hum is back, the cats have settled for their eighteen-hour nap, the dog is back asleep and I tap away on my keyboard. Another round of heavy weather will be here in a few days… perhaps it will again be lights out!.