It’s all about the trees…

Meadow TreeYes, April 22nd, 2016 is coming! That is the annual Earth Day for the world! The link I provided by the way you can join the movement, spread the word, even donate. I find the history of it more interesting since this began in 1970. In 2020 it will be their 50th Anniversary. That seems so small, I mean such a small number of years to designate one day to be Earth Day! Honestly at this point, we need every day to be Earth Day in some way. You can really dive in to more background through the Wiki of Earth Day which is even more interesting.

It seems to me Earth Day (a global movement that revolves around trees) reads more like Arbor Day, except Arbor Day is about trees, bushes and plants and is always held the last Friday of April, so this year that will be April 29th. In Nebraska it is a State observed Holiday and every State has an Arbor Day that usually falls when it is best to plant trees (makes sense).

I know I am starting to wander about but stick with me, don’t leaf just yet…

This brings me to Eco-Libris which sounds strange if you don’t know about it… it is so cool. Basically you buy stickers for each book you buy. The stickers are placed on the books that reflects your commitment. What they truly represent is that every book you bought a sticker for, you had someone plant a tree in a developing country. Basically it turns your reading (a paper book) into sustainable reading. I know many just download a book and skip the paper, but sometimes you absolutely want the book in your home library and so this is perfect for that, or for those that constantly buy books, even if they donate and recirculate them.

I have always thought every day should be a little something for the Earth, which is where I am going with things I would really like to do for my world. It would be interesting and perhaps helpful to plant trees on our hills’ sides. In 1850, old growth Redwoods covered 2 million acres of California Coast line. A very small part remains and this must have affected our weather at the very least. I know a full grown redwood tree can hold 2000 lbs of CO2. They drink mostly from sucking in moisture from fog. They regenerate by fire. Would it be possible to start a Redwood Tree movement? I know they wouldn’t be old growth, but they would still be so amazing to have here again. They would likely benefit from all the fires California has. They might help draw the fog in from the ocean more often, definitely they would help clean out filthy air (that looks rather clear on the coast, but smog is just pushed inland)… and they would be a lovely resting place for Monarch butterflies. Not a source of food like the milkweed butterflies need, but March and April is the time of year the first generation starts moving North from Mexico I believe.

Maybe it should be about trees, and milkweed and flower planting, that of course is indigenous to where you are in the world. Well, where I am in the world. I leave you with this video, if you have never seen it. I find it stunning… and hope to never loose the spectacle of it all. There are tons of videos on migration patterns of these threatened butterflies. We can loose them in a blink of an eye.

By the way. National Butterfly Awareness Day is coming Saturday, June 4th, 2016. And then National World Honey Bee Day or Honey Bee Awareness Day will be Saturday, August 20th, 2016! I leaf you with this thought… Without pollinators we grow not a thing. And unless we treat every day like Earth Day, and care every day for nature and it’s wildlife inhabitants, we will have nothing and we will be nothing. The Earth will become a rock without life. What a tragedy we humans wield like the flicking of a cigarette butt. We don’t deserve what we have. That won’t stop me from trying to do something healing for it… Earth I mean, and my world.