I Should Be Singing in the Rain

RainI absolutely love rain. I could easily live someplace where it did nothing but rain. Don’t get me wrong, I also love seasons of weather change, puffy clouds, rainbows, sunshine and on and on. But rain is that element that seems to cleanse my soul. The sound, the smell, the feel, just watching it. It is raining heavily today, being nearly Spring and waiting for rain here is dicey at best. We still are in a heavy drought and some years we just don’t get much rain. Thankfully we have had a nice amount this year and more is expected leading into Spring.

I just watched piles of leaves wash down in globs along with trash and yes cigarette butts towards the drains [sigh]. That’s the downside of having a lovely heavy rain and occasional downpour… when it passes the streets have been washed cleaner and it gives that false sense of our streets not being that filthy… when really the rain has helped hide and shuffle the trash, plant debris and hazardous waste out of sight. Maybe it will get partially scrubbed and treated before washing in to the Straights and out in to the Bay and onward… but I suspect not. Supposedly the water is treated, but I am thinking for the most part many water drainage pipes that take on the excess flow of water dump directly into the Straights and I see no additional collection area to catch debris, or help collect hazardous runoff.

It wasn’t two weeks ago I had a neighbor on a Monday holiday when the City was off, drain his trucks’ radiator fluid down the driveway. He did it on purpose knowing it was not likely anyone would catch him. He didn’t care that pools full of it were sitting there, waiting for birds or cats or dogs to drink from them. I called the number to report it and took video of it and pictures to show it had not come from up the street. Of course the following day the City called me back and came by. They supposedly were going to write a letter to my neighbor. I am sure they did [sigh].

One of the things I think about is what drains directly in to the Straights or streams or watersheds… I think about the gunk and trash that gets washed down. I think about the stuff that pushes through our soil. This amazing rain that we are gifted initially flushes so much toxic waste forward and so… part of this fresh rain is wasted on us filthy humans. We are so destructive. We poison ourselves, we ruin, consume and devastate on every level imagined. We wound this living breathing planet. It seems such an enormous daunting task to straiten something out where I am in the world, that I almost want to burst in to tears when I think about the global blight of it all.

I think in addition to my insistence on collecting cigarette butts, I am going to have to start cleaning out debris in the gutter every weekend. At least a tiny amount won’t wash down into the Straight untreated. There must be something else I can do in this regard, since the City coming by once a month to “sweep” I think isn’t doing much good. Who knows what happens to what they pick up with the sweeping machines… I am thinking landfill, but I honestly don’t know.