Fund This

BelieveThe more I think about projects I want to do, the more I realize it is gonna take financial help… Or just really good craft skills and a collection of things to be up-cycled into needed equipment. Yesterday someone literally ran away after their dog pooped near our front door. I could get into the saga about it… in fact I likely will another time, but it was just a couple of days ago I ranted about dog poop so I need to build up my energy again on that subject. But this person yesterday made me realize that there is a lot of dog poop everywhere and most people don’t care where their dog poops or who knows that they don’t care. So I started looking at buying a bag dispensing sign post with a built in waste receptacle… they are pricey. Then I thought maybe I could just make one myself? I just need the metal stake, some PVC pipe, poop bags, a trash can and maybe a sign and a few odds and ends. Would it be less expensive to build than buying one already manufactured? It would if most of the materials were free and reused. But where can I find free materials in abundance… a nice selection? I am relatively creative, I can come up with clever ways to do this. I might even consider getting materials I can use at the dollar store. As much as that topic bothers me, that is an article I haven’t yet written… but for the greater good and lack of financial and readily abundant funding I would consider it. I see these Go Fund Me things people make from time to time, but I doubt anyone would care about collection bins for dog poop or the cigarette butt collection stations that I also want to do. Most people where I am are self absorbed, and those that aren’t have other things they acutely focus on. There are a lot of distractions in the world, that is the point of the world afterall, although instead of being distracting by all of it’s beauty everywhere and wanting to be a part of it… we have created other terrible distractions… everywhere… and most people don’t want to be connected to the world any longer. I guess in my process of changing my world I have to make more of an effort to reduce-reuse-recycle when these ideas come in to my head, not that I wouldn’t have already done that, but I just realized I have to see a lot of materials to make an impact where I am. I can do this [little voice inside says “I just know you can do this”].