voteI have been a bit distracted. Ordinarily I would get the thoughts that are in my head out by writing… but it has been the thoughts of everything going on with relation to the upcoming Presidential elections that have been disturbing me. I am dumbfounded at the racism and bigotry, the sexism and pure hatred, the xenophobia and paranoia and sheer stupidity that is so prevalent. I honestly had no idea to what degree this was around, and I wish for people to know that people that believe in those traits like they are something to be respected… well these people don’t represent me or the country in my outnumbered and outspoken opinion.

It isn’t like people are saying I am a racist, sexist xenophobe and therefore the candidate that represents me the best is who I will be voting for. No. People have said [to me], they are voting for that nit-wit because they don’t like other candidates running, or because their grandparents came over from Poland after WWII to work and that the nit-wit that wants to round up 11 million  people to export them and build a wall has it right. Or because they don’t really think that he will do any of the things he says he will do or that he is the person he represents himself as. I think these are people that don’t want to admit they are mini-nit-wits themselves… they are trying to make it up as they go along… trying to contrive some thread of humanity for the nit-wit. Not one will acknowledge anything from a direct quote as a fact… they believe in someone that spews non-facts… someone that could actually put us in to a nuclear war.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no such thing as a perfect candidate.. or even huge differences in many candidates. My thoughts are… register to vote, look at what the candidate has voted for, look at answers given in various platforms, look at work history, where does their money come from, pick the ten most important things to you and find out who really represents what you are wanting… who can actually do the job, work with both sides of the House and Senate… who can continue positive relations with other countries, who can diplomatically and knowledgeably deal with critical issues? NO candidate will fit everything you are looking for… but do you have to pick someone that is the polar opposite of  someone that remotely resembles someone Presidential? Really? I think the answer is no, you can actually make a sane choice… the question then becomes, will you (make a sane choice)? I am terrified that that answer may very well be a  No.