aluminum canI just realized I am rather dumb. Well, I know anyone that reads anything I post has probably figured this out, but I mean… I had a thought that was so obvious that I feel dumb…. yes I am of the dumb, but I am  not alone. I have been thinking a lot about how I intend to fund these projects I want to do and the light bulb went on… the LED one of course [wink]. The aluminum cans that people don’t bother to even put in a trash can, much less a recycle bin thought. That one, yes I have watched someone sitting in a parking lot at lunch time just toss their 20oz beer can out their door… not even walk 20 feet to the can in front of the building. So, you know there are recycling opportunities everywhere.  That one jack-hole alone means there are 11 more just like it lying about somewhere [the cans I meant]… It’s possible he drinks a pack a day… that is a lot of recycling that can be collected. There are some ridiculous statistics on it.And more facts here…  this one takes the cake though, because it shows recycling information on a handful of things and hi-lights how wasteful we are as humans, and how easy it is to just recoup what we consume. So if in my process of cleaning up I separate out the recycling and go and cash it in, there is a bit of funding right there… maybe just enough to build on. I know it isn’t much, certainly not as much as they charge for the redemption value… I think only a company that provided these collected materials to a manufacturer could recoup most of that… but I can take some of those pennies and turn them in to something better than some corporations profit. I CAN! I usually just put recyclables in our bins and let the waste folks recoup the money since the cans, they don’t charge us to pick them up… but I can take a bit of that and collect some change. That’s it… change for change… has a nice aluminum ring to it don’t you think [see what I did there?]. I am feeling a little cheeky today, must be I had my Breathing Room.