AboutI ramble on to remove trapped thoughts and frustrations in my brain free in to the world. I will try and stay positive or move in a positive direction with these thoughts of mine, otherwise I think there would truly be no metamorphosis otherwise. But I will just let my thoughts flow… that means I probably will rant a bit here and there, and swear quite often… usually about things that really get under my skin… but no subject is off limits.

Will others stumble across these ramblings and absorb information from a scattered brain? Can they make sense of where my brain has been and is trying to go? I have no idea… I have enough of a time putting one foot in front of another… Perhaps this will become my own little world where the things that make life life and connects us all make sense, if no where else? Will things spill from my own little neck of the woods to the world I reside in? Will something change? Maybe I will just feel a little better.

I started blogging March 2nd, 2016 and to be honest I have no idea why I waited this long? Probably because I don’t have mad writing skills, but I think and think and think and feel like I wallow in the things that I think about that bother me. So here I am, writing to cleanse my brain and wash it down and maybe do something outside of my head while I am at it.

Projects that I am working on so far in 2016:

  • Cigarette Butt Collection
  • Cigarette Butt Recycling
  • Gutter Clean-up Weekends
  • Highway Trash Removal
  • Installed Dog Poop Wire Racks with dog poop bags and perhaps a collection receptacle or maybe dog poop composters
  • Up-cycle my to-do projects wherever possible!

I disabled comments on my blog because of spammers and hackers… however if you do have something to say, you can do so on the Facebook page I set up for this Neckofthewoods.xyz blog site. I may have something to say in return… perhaps you might make an honorable mention in a blog post? Or maybe you will stick in my brain like some neon graffiti mark? Or maybe it is just easier for you to follow along there? Feel free to say whatever you like, I honestly encourage it… but I have a mouth… and if you read some of the stuff I write be prepared I might actually respond and you may not like what I have to say… then again, you might?